Frequently Asked Questions

Login FAQ

  1. I want to use Century eFreight to help me manage on my ocean freight bookings but do not have an Login ID. How do I sign up?

    Simple, you may call us or email us for ID request and we will revert back to you within 1 working day with the access.

    We support the Google® Chrome™ browser. If you are not using this browser to interact with our website, please download it from

  2. What if my colleague already registered our company with Century eFreight?

    There's no limit in the amount of users per account. All you need to do is request a User ID for you.

  3. I am registered but forgot my username & password for login

    Fret not, you may email us or call our representative for immediate assistance. We will the reset the login & password for you via email.

General FAQ

  1. Is Century eFreight chargeable?

    No, Century eFreight is free for all and there is absolutely no charge for the usage of this portal.

Schedule & Booking FAQ

  1. I have seen Century eFreight and would like to enjoy the special published pricing ocean freight rates offered by booking my shipments with Century eFreight?

    For first time booking, please proceed to book your desired shipments by selecting your desired transit time and published best rates, our representative upon receiving your e-booking request will be initiating contact with you to guide you further.

  2. Why are some of the ports I want to refer or book is not reflected inside Century eFreight?

    As there is more than 8000 ports located in over 220 countries worldwide, we are unable to capture or pair them specifically for you. However, during this interim moment while we are expanding and enhancing our global port coverage, you may contact our representatives for manual rates request at +603 3161 3600 or email us your request at

  3. Why is some of the sailing schedule only showing limited days validity

    As you may know some of the rates, surcharges and schedules validity are predetermined by the carriers, we strongly recommend you to log in and check our schedules and rates regularly for new updates as we will be refreshing new rates and schedules on a weekly basis.

  4. What type of ocean freight rates are shown & offered in Century eFreight?

    Rates offered on the basis of "port to port basis" and are all inclusive with all relevant surchargesimposed by liner at the period of offer.

  5. I submitted a booking via Century eFreight, what is next?

    Our representative will revert you with the Liner Booking Confirmation within (1) one working day. should more information is required by the carrier, we will initiate contact with you.

  6. What if I have changes in my booking made?

    You may login back to Century eFreight, proceed to HOME and select SEARCH on "BOOKING REQUEST TRACKING" and make amendments on the booking submitted by selecting the booking reference no you wish to amend by selecting on "DETAIL" and "EDIT" the information you wish to add / remove or even cancel the booking by updating "CANCELLED".

  7. How do I know if my booking submitted is being worked on?

    Yes, you may by proceeding to HOME and SEARCH on "BOOKING REQUEST TRACKING" to view full summary list of bookings made and the progress status of your bookings.

  8. I have a question but it is not covered here in this Q&A, what can I do?

    You may at any time contact us at the below contact

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